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Based in Cudworth, Barnsley, South Yorks we have a bespoke made Lodge with 6 private secure holiday homes which hold individual rabbits, guinea pigs and also bonded pairs.

Cleanliness is extremely important to Hutch and because of this each element of the home is either able to be disinfected, sterilised or machine washed helping to not transmit any illnesses. Litter trays, water and food bowls are cleaned daily and each item is thoroughly cleaned with vet grade disinfectant inbetween each guest.


The homes consist of; 

Cosy sheltered bed

Litter tray with dust free litter

Fresh Hay

Water bowl or bottle dependant on our guests preferance

Toys (more than welcome to bring your own also)

Soft lighting  at night 

Fresh delicious snacks daily 

Cosy heatpads in the winter

Burgess Excel Food

We aim to make our guests stay as happy and comfortable as possible and will do everything we can do this. 

We have our permanent resident Roy the Blanc De Hotot and he very much looks forward to welcoming you to his home.


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